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What equipment do we use?

Console: Soundcraft K2 (40 Channel Console with 8 Auxiliary Groups, 8 Bus Groups and 4 Matrix Sends)
Recording: Pro Tools HD Rig, Avid HD I/O 16X16 Analog Interface
Pre Amps: GA 1073 MKIII, GA 1073 500 Series with Lunchbox , 40 Soundcraft low-noise input pre-amps with switchable ‘Range’, as used Vienna II and Europa, DBX Channel Pre
Monitoring: Adam A7x, ESI 08 Experience, Beyerdynamic DT-100, Various Other Headphones
Software & Plugins: Pro Tools HD, Logic X, Full Waves Collection, Guitar Rig, Drumagog, Steven Slate Drums, Slate Digital Collection, Plus 100’s More!
Accessories: Kemper Profiling Amp, Pearl 5 Piece Drum Kit with Meinl Cymbals, Evans  Drum Heads, Marshall Half Stack Guitar Amp, Various Other Heads and Cabs, Tech-21 Sans Amp bass DI, Various Palmer & Samson DI’s, Novation MIDI Controller / Keyboard
AKG D112, 414 XLS, 451, P5, C1000 - Shure SM57, SM58, SM7B
  Sennheiser MD421 - MXL 990 - Rode NT-1, NT-2 - Audix D6
  Western Vintage 1962 633a ‘Saltshaker’
Aston Spirit


Studio Sessions To Date
"My band have been using electric bear productions for a long time now, wouldn't go anywhere else. All the staff are very helpful and will cater to your needs. The quality of recordings has been great and improve every time we book them. We now use them as our sound engineers aswell at our bigger gigs as the quality and sound is great. Definitely recommend these guys!!"
Nathan Fox
For The Girl
“The guys are amazing to work with and they have helped me create my best songs yet! I am extremely proud of the EP we have produced together and have enjoyed being much more involved in the production process than I have been in previous projects. Great Facilities in the studio, great atmosphere and great music! Can’t wait to get back in to sort the album!”
Sally Caitlin

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