What equipment do we use?

Console: Soundcraft K2 (40 Channel Console with 8 Auxiliary Groups, 8 Bus Groups and 4 Matrix Sends)
Recording: Pro Tools HD Rig, Avid HD I/O 16X16 Analog Interface
Pre Amps: GA 1073 MKIII, GA 1073 500 Series with Lunchbox , 40 Soundcraft low-noise input pre-amps with switchable ‘Range’, as used Vienna II and Europa, DBX Channel Pre
Monitoring: Yamaha HS8, ESI 08 Experience, Beyerdynamic DT-100, Various Other Headphones
Software & Plugins: Pro Tools HD, Logic X, Full Waves Collection, Guitar Rig, Drumagog, Steven Slate Drums, Slate Digital Collection, Plus 100’s More!
Accessories: Kemper Profiling Amp, Pearl 5 Piece Drum Kit with Meinl Cymbals, Evans  Drum Heads, Marshall Half Stack Guitar Amp, Various Other Heads and Cabs, Tech-21 Sans Amp bass DI, Various Palmer & Samson DI’s, Novation MIDI Controller / Keyboard
AKG D112, 414 XLS, 451, P5, C1000 - Shure SM57, SM58, SM7B
  Sennheiser MD421 - MXL 990 - Rode NT-1, NT-2 - Audix D6
  Western Vintage 1962 633a ‘Saltshaker’